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The Pro Series

Whether you need a shed that can meet strict HOA guidelines or you simply want to the best looking, most durable shed in the area, the Pro Model is the answer to the questions you are asking. Jammed with standard features most companies reserve only for their best upgrades, the Willow Lake Pro shed can be customized to match any property and turn your need for storage into a beautiful addition to your landscape.


The Pro Series Difference

The Pro features the same great floor system that we use on all of our buildings. An interlocking system of 2×6 treated floor joists set into notched 4×6 treated runners will provide your investment with a rock-solid foundation. Many builders use 2×4 floor joists and 4×4 runners because they are cheaper and “good enough”. We respectfully disagree. The walls in our Pro buildings feature double 2×4 plates, and studs placed every 16″ along the wall. Ventilation is provided through a full-length eave and ridge ventilation system. The siding and trim is  50-year LP SmartSide to give you the peace of owning a shed that will be a beautiful and solid a decade from now as it is right now. 

Check out the Pro Series lofted and utility sheds right here!

The Pro Utility Shed

The Pro Utility Shed

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The Pro Lofted Barn

The Pro Lofted Barn

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The LP Smartside Difference

Have you ever seen a storage shed that is only a year or two old, but is already turning dingy and black? That’s because the siding is made of pressure treated T1-11 plywood, and is sealed with a cheap water based stain. In the harsh South Carolina sun, the plywood will weather and de-laminate, and the stain will turn dark, and stop doing what stain is designed to do-protect your structure. We use only urethane stain or commercial grade paint over our LP SmartSide siding. Your building will look as beautiful ten years from now as it does when it comes off of our factory floor.

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