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So what really is Rent To Own?
Rent to Own (or RTO) is not a traditional financing program with interest rates and long term commitments. It is a common sense alternative to financing that enables you to have a storage building delivered to your property with a minimal investment and NO CREDIT CHECK.
Simply choose the building that best suits your storage needs and a monthly payment that you are comfortable with. A minimal security deposit and first month’s payment will, in most cases, get you a building within a week or so.
Once you receive your building, you will be responsible to make the monthly rent payment.
You are only committed to your RTO plan on a month to month basis. If your life changes and you no longer need your building you are free to cancel at any time and we will return and pick up the building. You are free of any further obligation.
If you continue to need your building, you will own your building at the end of your rental term (36, 48, or 60 months).


Did You Know?

The average South Carolinian rents an offsite storage unit for over SEVEN YEARS!

Let us show you the better alternative! 

Don’t waste another month’s rent!

Get on the path to ownership TODAY!

Call us at (270) 558-0422

Questions? Call us at (270) 558-0422 or email willowlakesales@gmail.com today!

Popular Answers to Common Questions

Can I pay off the building early?
Absolutely! There are no prepayment penalties associated with your RTO contract.
Will you check my credit?
No, we never check your credit.
Isn't it cheaper to pay cash?
Yes, as with anything it will always be cheaper to pay in full for your building rather than financing it or doing rent-to-own. But RTO is a great way to preserve your cash and get the building you need delivered with a minimal upfront investment.
Isn't it cheaper to just rent a storage unit?
In most cases, it will cost the same or less to buy a comparable building using RTO than it will be to rent an offsite storage unit. And with RTO, you are on the path to ownership.
Do I have to own my house?
No, if you are a renter we will simply ask that you have your landlord sign a waiver allowing us to deliver a building to your property.

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